Success after cramping during 2ww


First off…Congrats to all of you. I hope to be joinging this group soon.

I do have a question for you.
I am on my 2ww with my 2nd IVF. I am 6 days post transfer, and having some cramping. Has anyone experienced cramping several days after transfer and got a POSITIVE Pregnancy test???



I just finished my second IVF and 2ww and got a positive today!

The first cycle I did not have any cramping until it got close to the end of the 2WW (I think my period was trying to butt in).

This time I had minor cramping almost the entire time. Not like menstrual cramps, but lighter and all throughout the day, every day.

From what I’ve read from many, many forums… having cramping is a good thing and means stuff is going on down there.

Wish you luck!!!


Hi There-

Both times I have gotten BFP’s, I experienced period like cramps during the 2WW. It is hard to say if they are a good indicator of a BFP or BFN. I know it is hard to not make yourself crazy analyzing every symptom. The hard truth is that you just won’t know until you take that test. I wish you the best of luck. I know what the waiting and the wishing and wondering is like!!



I’m STILL experiencing horrible cramping. I bled quite a bit as well. So much so that I called to schedule my WTF appointment. I had a really weird start to my pregnancy. I’m only 8 weeks along and we still have so many milestones to go, but, so far so good!

My Doc says cramping is totally normal. It’s just my body stretching to accomodate the baby.


just received positive :bfp: this morning with first beta of 113 (9dp6dt)…I cramped throughout the whole 2 WW it was relatively mild and constant (and for some reason, it felt worse at night). Even today I am experiencing some cramping off/on–trying not to worry too much about it…I have read on these forums that it is related to body preparing to accommodate fetus and/or the hormone supplements I still have to take (estrace + endometrin) because I had a frozen transfer


I had IUI done, not in-vitro, but during my 2ww I cramped on and off, towards the end of the 2ww the cramping was very intense, like I was about to get :af: . But I got a BFP. Also the cramping cont about a weeks and ahalf after confirmed BETA results.

Good luck and :babydust: !!!


i had cramping for whole 2ww, hope it means good news for you!


BFP worries

Just got my first BFP yesterday. I was thrilled, and then immediately started worrying about what would happen next. Sigh. I guess that’s just how it goes!

The last two cycles I didn’t have many symptoms during the TWW, but this time I had tons of cramping and a bit of nausea and tiredness. I’m still feeling lots of cramping and feeling awful (which is great!) so I’m relatively hopeful.

I think I will relax after 12 weeks. That’s when I plan to announce it (fingers crossed!)


I’ve been pretty much cramping since my transfer… I hope this is good sign. Also, ive had some mild to mild/moderate lower back pain… anyone else have these and get a positive??


I kept a journel to help me through 2ww… I had cramping very light after IUI… then more intense in my second week… by Beta day I was sure it was BFN because it was so painful and I had backache… NOPE BFP.

My cramps are stretching pains. Some women have it only a few days others weeks. I happen to be weeks. Go figure. :slight_smile: I read somewhere that with your first preg having stretching pains is a good sign.

( just in case… stretching pains are your uterus growing to make room for the pregnancy… even if he is as small as an apple seed your uterus is setting up for a 9 month haul)



I had cramping and back pain also. But I have mild OHSS. But your history looks a little like mine. Positive on your first fresh then negative on the next FET. I had the same, but 2 FET’s and they where both negative. I did another fresh cycle and got pregnant again. I told my DH that my babies are like me, they don’t like being cold. :woohoo: I will be sending lots of sticky vibes your way.