Success after IVF cycle cancelled?


Has anyone done an IVF cycle that resulted in one follicle so it was cancelled, then tried another cycle that resulted in more follicles and an egg retrieval???

I’m trying to be optimistic here but it’s real hard. After my cycle was cancelled yesterday, I’m looking for any positive notes!

Dr wants to go straight to an egg donor but I’m not 100% sure about that!!! :grr: I’m wanting to try other med combinations or something!

Any experiences would be great


Hi. My 1st cycle ever was canceled due to basically no follicles growing. They started with the long lupron protocol (which many do start with). We found that antagonist protocol works best for me as I’m a very poor responder. It doesn’t look like you did the long lupron, but you still used bcp, which can still over suppress people. You may want to ask your RE about a different protocol before an egg donor, because different ones work for different people. I think you definitely have a shot at it working. Good luck!


I don’t have the exact story you are looking for, but I can tell you that changing protocols can yield more eggs / follicles.

Our first cycle I was only 23 and ended up being suppressed. RE kept increasing my dosages through out the cycle in order to try and create more follicles. In the end I ended up with 5 eggs (which I know may sound like a lot to you) but the RE expected me to have 20 on the dose of meds at my age. I am saying this to say that the next round he changed my protocol to the microdose lupron and no bcp, and I ended up getting 10 eggs. So, changing the protocol allowed me to double the amount of eggs. We also produced much better quality embryos that time. Good luck to you, if you don’t like what your RE is suggesting, get a second opinion. You may decide to change RE’s or realize that there advice was good :). Good luck!!! Don’t give up!


I did not cancel my first cycle, but I’m sure it shoudl have been. I had 2 follicles that took over 14 days stimming to get. I switched to a MDL protocol and had success the next time. 7 eggs, 4 mature.

I would try different protocols and not move on until you were ready. I have tried various protocols. I have been cancelled on some, and done really well for me in terms of stimming on others. It just takes working with a doctor who is good with high fsh patients or poor responders. If your RE is recommending moving to egg donor after 1 try, which my first doc suggested but did not insist on, I would switch to another RE.

You were on BCP, they may have oversuppressed you.


Thanks everyone. We are meeting with our doctor Monday to talk options and if he refuses to try another med protocol we will be seeking a 2nd opinion!

I just think to give up after one stimulation cycle is ludacris! There are so many options out there We shouldn’t have to “give up” on using our own eggs.


my first cycle was cancelled due to zero response (my E2 stayed the same) after 6 days of stim. i was on the micro flare lupron.

they recommended that i do donor eggs or adoption.

I pushed for another cycle and we did estrogen priming antagnosit protocol. it worked and i had my twins!

good luck! sometimes a change in protocol is all that is needed.