Success Rates after 3?


We just did our 3rd Clomid IUI a few days ago. If this fails we have the option to do 2-3 rounds of Femara with timed intercourse (maybe 1 IUI, that’s being left up to me) or 2 rounds of injectables with IUI. I’ve read that the success rates for IUIs drop dramatically after 3 of them, is that 3 total or 3 with the same med/protocol? I’m just trying to figure out if injectables will be worth our time/money and increase our chances!


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We did 3 Clomid, 2 Femera and 2 Gonal F, with the final one (our 7th) working.

We are male factor and it was just about providing more targets. AND getting a good sperm count (dh’s sperm count varies on meds, and it goes up and down).

Clomid slowly destroyed my lining
Femera only gave me one follicle
1st round of Gonal F was only 1 follicle
2nd round Gonal (upped dosage) 6 follicles = BFP

So for us it was worth while trying because we knew that we just needed the right combination of eggs + sperm count. And finally got it.


I had 3 IUI’s with clomid 50mg cd 5-9 that were all negative. My 4th IUI I took clomid 50mg cd 3-7 and did a trigger shot 36 hours before the IUI and that is the cycle I got pregnant. I think sometimes changing the protocol just a little bit can make a difference. Hopefully this IUI worked and you are pregnant! Good luck, I know waiting is the worst!!!