Success stories: FET with one 3-day, 6-cell embryo



I’m new to this forum but I’ve already found it really helpful. I’m 35 and my fiance’ is 36; he has antisperm antibodies. We did two failed IUIs, and just went through an ICSI cycle which failed :frowning: My estradiol went incredibly high even though I only had 13 follicles (the nurse thought it was really weird) and I was coasted for 4 days, getting very stressed. From 6 eggs we got 3 good embryos, all 6 cells. They decided to do a 3-day transfer as there were too few embryos to risk waiting till day 5. One was frozen. As this cycle failed, I am looking to do a frozen embryo transfer with the 3-day embryo we froze (I really really hope he survives the defrosting!:cross). I would love to hear about some success stories with a frozen 3-day embryo transfer. I am so sad at the moment, it would really help. Please do tell if you got a BFP from that! Thank you very much!


My situation is slightly different in that we had one frozen 5-day blastocyst. During our fresh IVF cycle in December, we had 9 mature eggs and 3 fertilized. They transferred the 2 best and froze the third one which they rated as a BC. The December beta was negative and we moved on to FET in March. On the day of the transfer, I was very worried that it would not survive the thaw, but it did! The embryologist told us that it was the perfect blastocyst with an AA rating. He suspects that the other (younger less experienced) embryologist who rated it in December viewed it at a bad angle or something. I don’t recall the details because I was just so happy/relieved that it survived the thaw.

At the transfer, our RE said that it was an hour after the thaw and we had the perfect and strong embryo for the transfer. I have heard that embryos that survive the thawing process are strong survivors and have a better chance of sticking. As you can see from my signature, our little bean is still going strong. I am 7w5d today!

Best of luck to you! :babydust: :bsv: :babydust:


The blast vs six cell day three embryo difference is huge. The one advantage to FET, however, is that if your estradiol spiked like that during your IVF it could have affected your lining quality, especially if you had even mild OHSS, and thus could have affected implantation. With FET, the process is less stressful on your body and your mind in many respects. I have a friend who had poor response in all her IVF cycles and they finally just did retrieval even though there were only 3 follicles. She transferred two six cell embies and both implanted. She lost one of the twins at 9 weeks but she now has a health happy 3 year old. Success is possible. Try to rest your mind that you are doing all you can do and that it really is in the hand of fate and depends on the chromosomal health of that embryo. Just keep visualizing success and stay strong! It will happen for you.


I have only ever had a 3d embryo FET. I have twins from 1-7cell and 1-6cell embryo, they are going to be 2. Now I am pg with a singleton from a 3dt, this time the egg was 8-cells, and average quality (not the best).

So there is definitely a possibility. I hope it works out for you. Any updates?