Success stories with endeo and low amh


hi Ladies

please let me know if anyone has been successful to get pregnant even after severe endeometrosis and low ovarian reserve and failed IVF cycles

coz i am really struggling even after trying DHEA,wheat grass ,accupuncture…

please help…


I was just diagnosed with invasive Stage 4 endo. My doctor suggested we start IVF right away so we have an appointment this afternoon. I’m very anxious to know when we will actually start and if it will work! I’m hoping so and I will be happy to check back and let you know. I also have low ovarian reserve, and one of my tubes had to be removed.

I hadn’t heard about wheatgrass, is that supposed to help? :cross:


hi Texasbella

just read about wheat grass when i was searching net,dont know it helps or not…as presently i am on 2ww after embryo transfer for my 4th ivf cycle,but have been trying to see if anything can help to improve quality of egg…

but yes what i feel is accupuncture does help to deal with stress…


hey ladies thought i jump on.

I dont have much to share since i had 2 failed IVFs (1 cancelled after ER), during that process i knew i had two blocked tubes, had surgery and had one tube removed and miraculously my other tube was no longer blocked. We tried 2 IUIs and still no success. Hopefully this one will be a positive one. I also have severe endo and endometriomas on my ovaries, so it definitely makes things difficult…

As far as supplements, im taking noni juice and evening primrose oil (heard these were great and helped women who suffered from endo), also taking CoQ10, royal jelly and bee pollen, prenatal vitamins… and some herbs my acupuncturist gave me to take b/t meals…

good luck to you and sticky vibes


Just wanted to chime in- I am just over 14 weeks pregnant, I had one miscarriage with the first IVF, a BFN with the second, a lap that reveled stage 4 endo and my amh was 1.1 over a year before my last cycle (it was for sure not 1.1 just over 14+ weeks ago. I have seen many stage 4 endo gals on here conceive as well as many low amh gals. Good luck, I know it is a up hill battle physically and mentally.