Success Stories with Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome


Any success in finding sperm through TESE with diagnosis of Sertoli Cell Only?



I guess it all depends on how you define “success”. The jury’s still out for us, but we’re pursuing donor embryo FETs, and I’d definitely count it as a success if it worked.

I’ve heard of someone needing to get a second mTESE with a more reputable doctor, and being successful then… but I think that was bc the first doc was shady for some reason.

I’ve also heard that Japan is working on research that may one day enable the use of testicular sperm to create sperm… but that is still a pipe dream at this point.

Hope you find the peace you need to choose your next step.


Mintsea- are these injections something that Dr. Schegal thought may help with your husband producing sperm? I had never heard of any type of treatment… Do you know if your husband was diagnosed with primary or mixed SCO?

My husband is scheduled for his micro-tese on Thursday, I’m nervous. I’ve heard so many different stories, but many ending in no sperm found. I’m holding out faith though, that’s all that we can do now… :pray: