Success Story - BFP while waiting to start 3rd IVF


I wanted to share my success story, because I really enjoyed hearing positive stories via this forum. Especially when I was losing hope. Although my BFP was not a result of IVF directly, I believe that the fertility treatments I went through normalized my hormones.

This time last year I was already pregnant and didn’t know it! I spent New Years Eve partying with my best friends and husband hoping that 2011 would bring a baby. I must have gotten pregnant soon after verifying my tubes were open. I was going to be given some stronger medication or birth control pills (i can’t remeber exactly) to start my period, because I still had no period after taking progesterone, which had worked in the past. But before doing so I was asked to take a HPT, which I did, but thought it served no useful purpose. I was proven wrong and I’m now a mom to a healthy soon to be 4 month old boy :slight_smile:

My advice is to continue to be sexually active in between IVF cycles. I know this is extremely hard - I personally took a strip tease to Santa Baby workshop last Dec. to spice things up (i know TMI) but it did help. If anything to cheer up the hubby.

I’ve updated my signature to provide more information and I really wish everyone in this forum a :bfp: and :bsv: .