Success through IVF


Hello! I hope you will be all right. I want to share someone’s success. My colleague just got a baby through IVF. At last, her happiness came out. She had a heart problem, diagnosed while she was 5 months pregnant. She faced many problems. Doctors were saying it could be fatal for her. Now she is feeling better. Need some prayers for her to get recover soon.


Yes IVF is quite useful for infertile couple. But today as i was going through forums i heard that IVF is successful after 3 4 cycles. It has a good success rate but has some complications. I have decided to go for surrogacy now. Surrogacy is very common now adays. Many people go for surrogacy. Many infertile people are going for it and returning with a success.


Hello. How are you? Congratulations for you colleague’s baby. Sending my prayers for her. I hope she recovers soon. I have heard about IVF a lot. Many infertile woman are giving it a try. It gives them a ray of hope. Although expensive and time consuming, many woman got successful results. I have heard that it goes best with the females who are a victim of PCOS. My cousin sister is also planning to go for it. She can not conceive naturally. We are now looking for an assisted method of conception. I hope things go well for her. Need prayers and support from all of you. Take care.


Hey. I am so sorry for her. I hope she will be a mother soon. I am sad for her. IVF is a great procedure no doubt. But it didnt work in my case. I went for it but failed in it. I also went for the second cycle and same was the result. I later decided to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with a healthy surrogate. I am so happy that I chose it. I have a baby now. I have no more worries in my life.


I’m also struggling to TTC for past 10 years.Just like you i m also worried about the age limit and it really is stressful.I have tried IUI and IVF but there was no luck with them.A friend of mine gave me the idea of surrogacy and she recommended me a clinic.I will surely go for it as all of other options are disclosed in my case.You better should research about surrogacy and should visit some clinics regarding surrogacy.As for me i will go for surrogacy ultimately i don’t have any other option left.I have contacted this clinic in Ukraine and soon i will do it before its too late. If anybody has an opinion about this kindly guide me.


Hello. I am so sad for her. I trust she will be a mother soon. IVF is an excellent methodology but unpredictable. In any case, it didnt work for my situation. I pulled out all the stops yet bombed in it. I likewise went for the second cycle and same was the outcome. I was infertile for 10 years and I had no other choice. I later chose to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. The facility gave me a sound surrogate. I am happy to the point that I picked it. I have a child now. I have no more stresses throughout my life.


Hey there. How are you? I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for this post! It’s really important to get some optimism here. I’m really happy for your colleague. She deserved it! I’m glad IVF is becoming more and more common. It’s a very good method. It’s actually helping so many people around the world. Infertility is finally being overcome. I’m really glad her struggles ended in a happy way. Hope things get even better and she recovers health wise. Good luck to her. Also, congratulations on the baby!


Hey, I hope your friend’s pregnancy goes smoothly. It can be very dangerous to conceive when you are suffering from a cardiac disease. I hope everything goes alright. I am sure she must have been excited when the IVF would have worked. IVF itself is so unpredictable that you never know if it will work or not. I am glad she had a successful cycle. She should just take extreme care of herself. All my prayers are with her.


We cannot say that infertility is common. At the same the right notion is that it is a wide spread thing. Infertility is seen in many women all over the world. Despite all this the infertility is not a killer thing. It all happened few decades back when infertility was a curse. Today it can be resolved in many ways. I always pray that the infertility curse never comes for any couple.


Tell her my best wishes. Though this IS extremelly risky for both I should say. Having heart disease when being prego is no good. But I’m sure her dr knew what he advised. I truly believe this otherwise it’s damn risky. People usually apply for surrogacy in such a case for both to be safe. Will keep your colleague in my prayers…


Get yourselves thoroughly checked out. As well as the regular blood & sperm tests, have an ultra-sound. If there are any problems with conditions like Fibroids (which are quite common) you’ll need to know how severe they are & how that might affect your chances with IVF. It could quite simply mean, you’ll need more attempts, which will affect you budgeting. If you have a male partner, have their sperm tested for genetic problems. Often chromosomal issues go untested & unchecked whilst couples have several IVF attempts at fertility treatment. Because despite his ‘troops’ looking great under the microscope, there’s a problem that can’t so easily be see. A simple test could literally saves £1000’s in treatment expenses. Make sure that you’re healthy! ‘Control the controllable’ as they say: Eat a great diet, exercise, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop smoking the funny stuff! & get more sleep. It may sound a little boring, but if you are over-indulging in any of these areas, it could stop IVF from working. These tips helped my IVF procedure while I was in Bio tex clinic. I do hope that it will work for you too.


hello there! I hope you are doing great. it was so good at reading your story. IVF is an amazing process. I went for IVF twice. IVF was an amazing process for me. I am really happy that I went for it. although it was a little painful. but it really that I went for it. it gave me twins. I think everyone struggling with conceiving should go for IVF. stay positive and be hopeful. there is always an option. stay blessed.


Congrats with your twins honey! :hugs: I know how ivf path may feel. And this is so nice we get our beautiful kids after things suffered. This is some of my background. A successful architect of 40 yrs old with no kids ever decided it was high time to put the carrer off and start ttc. If only I knew then it’d take us long years to conceive with our first! I knew age was not going to work on our side. Adding changes to general health and so on, I never expected this would be ME, not having kids! Never! How heartbroken I felt and how miserable I couldn’t give a baby to my sweet dh! Every woman struggling knows this feeling I’m sure. I know you too. When feeling a complete wreck because you cannot fulfill the only purpose meant by nature for you…It’s tough always. Soon after doing more investigations I was diagnosed on pcos and blocked fallopian tubes. Our previous doc felt right about using those 3,2 amh point for ivf. Which I really doubted myself, dh not. We gave 2 shots with oe a try, but failed. We didn’t know the ropes of the ivf procedure then, so fully trusted to docs. But I always felt sth wrong with the way I was treated, cannot explain why. But I felt like I was passed from hands to hands anomg docs and nurses. Everyone wanted to help but we had to explain again and again the same things which was quite irritating. So finally we switched the clinics for Ukrainian biotexcom where were said it was time to use donor eggs for ivf. We agreed and after 2 shots conceived with a beautiful healthy bean :baby: We’re currently passing another de ivf round with the same place. Using another donor this time due to the program. They guarantee at least 3 healthy A grade embies for the ET. I’m getting prepared for the ET in a couple of days. Feeling nervous and excited at the same time. One thing for sure we’re in the right hands. Babydust to all ladies struggling!
PS: what would you say is the most troubling with bringing up twins?:yum: All the best -xoxo


Breast-feeding is encouraged for most women who have heart conditions, even those who take medication. Discuss possible treatment adjustments with your health care provider ahead of time. If you have a congenital heart problem that greatly increases your risk of endocarditis, your doctor will probably discuss the risk of mastitis while breast-feeding. This fairly common infection could pose a special risk in your situation. Pumping and feeding breast milk might be recommended in some circumstances. If you have a heart condition you may need to take special precautions before and during pregnancy. Some heart conditions can increase a woman’s risk of complications. In addition, some women have heart or blood vessel conditions that are not identified until pregnancy. The mother’s health and well being are critical because if something bad happens to her, the baby is unlikely to survive.


Heart disease is always the reason for surrogacy recommendation. When detected at the very begining. But unfortunately it happens to occur as the complication during pregnancy itself. And there might be no way out then taking medications and rest a lot not to make the situation worse. I’m sorry for everybody experiencing this. Needless to say it’s risky for both. Dr must be a real professional to guide a woman with her baby successfully through.