Success w/CAVD?


Hi everyone. I’m looking for IVF success stories dealing with MFI. My DH was diagnosed with CAVD in December. We knew it was male factor but we actually found out exactly what in Dec.

We are doing our first IVF cycle in June/July. I have no infertility factors on my part and I find that I hardly see any MFI w/CAVD stories. I know the RE gives us percentages on success, but I want real answers/real experiences.

Any CAVD first time successes? Morphology is not an issue. If not on your first try, when?



Hi Gigi! We had success on our third fresh cycle. The problem with my first cycles was that our old RE thought I was fine and didn’t treat me for PCOS. Once we found the right doc and the right treatment, we had success. Unfornitunately, we don’t have any living babies yet, but that has nothing to do with out fertility treatments. PM me if you need any extra support! Good luck.


Thanks for the reply! I’m so close to IVF & it’s making me antsy. My RE has been thorough so hoping it’ll take on the first try. Just nervous & success stories calm me some.