Success w non doubling betas?


12dp3dt beta 75, 14dp3dt beta 134. Nurse said it didn’t double so I have to redo in 2 days! Pray it’s good news! Aren’t those slow betas anyway???


We’re in a similar boat Ibzg.
My betas: 11dp3dt = 79.4, 15dp3dt = 300, 17dp3dt = 542
Next beta Monday at 22dp3dt. The doubling times are 52 and 53 hours.

I’ll give you the harsh reality because after all my losses I wish people would just be honest with me and not give me false hope. Yes, the standard is 48 hours. But, betas are supposed to double MUCH faster in the beginning and then when they get into the 1000’s they slow down considerably. Here’s the beta base doubling chart:


As you can see at the 75/80 level where we started out we should’ve had doubling times, on average, of 37 hours. Now, yes, these are averages. And, some women beat the odds. I mean, someone has to be in the lower 5 percentile, right? I just hope it’s us. But, my track record says that low and slow betas are miscarriages. 4 of my 5 miscarriages were low and slow betas. Now, granted they were all, for the most part, much lower and much slower. But, it’s not an auspicious start.

My 11:11 wish - Your betas look fine. Your beta started out great and then only has a slight hiccup. You’re first doubling time was 27 hours. Great! You’re second doubling time was 63 hours. But, if you ignore the middle beta, you’re doubling time from first to third beta is 38 hours. Great.


My first 2 betas didn’t double in 48 hours…first one was 350 (9dp5dt), second was 676(11dp5dt)…I have very healthy 7 month old twin boys!! Don’t worry if they don’t double super fast, it just has to be within 72 hours in the beginning.


It’s incredibly frustrating. I was told to expect bleeding after my 4th beta. See signature. (edited)