Success w thyroid issues?


first i was hypo now im hyper and they cant seem to get it right. anyone have these issues and have success??


Yes, they just monitor me very close and I am constantly getting tested to make sure I am in good shape. You will have sucess.


When I was TTC last time it was discovered I was hypo and was put on Synthroid.

It worked…along with the IVF and I got pg with DS.

Don’t worry - it will work out. It may just require close monitoring.


Yes. I have been hypo for a long time. Just make sure you see someone with endocrine experience. My regular OB knows nothing about it. Your levels need to be on the very low side of normal. And you need to be monitored during the pregnancy as well.


I was (finally) diagnosed with Hashimoto’s when I finally became pregnant… DD is now 5 months old and I’m still having my blood tested every 3-4 weeks and my Synthroid dosage being adjusted every 3-4 weeks. It can happen! Hang in there!