Success wit acupuncture and both tubes blocked


Has any 1 had any success getting pregnant because of acupuncture? Im 32 and i hav a gorgeous 14 yr old son from pre relationship. Wit my current partner 10 yrs now and we started ttc 2yrs ago only 2 find out both my tubes r blocked and ivf would b my only way 2 get pregnant. As ivf is 2 expensive ive started going 4 acupuncture and was wondering if it has worked 4 any 1?


If your tubes are blocked, the eggs cannot get to the sperm… Acu won’t help with that unfortunately… You will need IVF but make sure you don’t have Hydro… If you do, no embryo will implant even with IVF transfers.


hi i just started accupunture i am set to do start the whole IVF process in april but my dr recomends accupunte to go along with it…try doing chinese herbal tampons you make those at home google the receipe…they are to unblock the tubes good luck!


I have ready a lot of good, reliable research about clear passage physical therapy for unblocking tubes. It isn’t cheap, I think it was around 4k, but cheaper than IVF. I am also looking into accupuncture and have ordered from this website

Infertility Treatments for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Hope that helps.


I have only one tube and it’s “blocked” on the “fingers”

Hello, I’m currently going through Acupuncture and TCM and honestly for me it has worked wonders. No :bfp: yet but he has told me that is more than possible to conceive naturally with my blocked tube and I believe him. :clap:. I’ve seen a tremendous different in my cycle, and everything it’s just a totally different body in there. You may want to call around and see if you can find a specialist that can work around that blockage and find away to get it to remove itself.

:pray: for you and :babydust: