Success with high insulin levels?


I finally started working with an RE that knows what he is doing and had a tone of blood work done. Everything came back AWSOME except my insulin levels. They want you at a level 10 but will take a 15. Mine 6weeks ago were 28 and now are 23. I am very glad they are going down but at this rate I have another three months before we can start trying again. Has anyone gone through all this and had success either getting your numbers down and then a :bfp: or a. :bfp: with high levels.
Just fishing for some good news adding another three months to this three year journey is just killing me!


what do you mean by insulin levels? Do you mean your fasting blood sugar levels? I have never heard of insulin levels before. Are you perhaps in another country where they use different terminology? Here in the states your blood sugar should be between 60 and 100.


Nancy i am in the states too, in the middle of no where in Kansas:) My blood sugar levels are perfect, yay at least I have some good things going on:) I have PCOS so with that came insulin resistance. I produce too much insulin and that is the levels they have given me maybe I am labeling it wrong.
They said they won’t move forward because it is unlikely I would have healthy enough eggs released and if I did and it implanted I would have a 60% m/c chance. It is all so confusing and I am still trying to rap my head around it just looking for anyone with the same issues that can shine a little lite on it all.