Success with low beta? 23 at 9dp6dt


I just got the call that my first beta is 23 at 9dp6dt. Is there any real hope here? Has anyone actually had a successful pregnancy with a beta this low?


Anything under 50 is in the high risk territory. However, some do make it - see signature. Low, and then not doubling… I should mention that most of my hormone levels are on the low side (FSH, E2, Progesterone). Good luck!


Trans- Thanks, that does give me a little hope. 11:11 - Thanks and congrats!


There was someone from RMANJ board who started with a beta of 16 and went on to have a baby. Unfortunately bc these boards are so messed up I can’t go back to earlier posts and find her name for you but I remember seeing it in her sig. I think dlittlebean mentioned her once as well. So there is hope. Good luck tomorrow.


Melchick, It looks like your betas have risen steadily. How are you doing now? I am interested because I, too, have had very low betas and am super concerned. Best of luck!


unfortunately It did not work out for me. I miscarried today naturally (which was really a lot worse than I imagined pain-wise) at 8 weeks. I was prepared for it though because even though my beta’s kept rising (ended around 10000) they couldn’t find a heartbeat and were pretty realistic about my chances from the start. It really sucks but I just want to move on and try again.


So sorry to hear about it. Hugs.