Success with low graded embryos after thaw


At ET friday we werent told about the quality of our embryos (5 day blasts that were graded excellent before freezing), only that 3 were good and 2 not so good. For the past few days I have been wondering about it till I phoned the lab this morning and spoke to the embryologist who told me that the 3 embryos that were transferred were 60, 60 and 50% intact. The two we had to let go were 40% intact.

Ofcourse I have resorted to evil dr. google and from what i read there is not much hope with these percentages…

Has anyone had success with low graded embryos ?
I m in need of some positive news :pray:


Hi Tami,
I think we are in the July board together and I too was wondering the same thing regarding thawing…my transfer is tomorrow and my RE does not thaw until the day of so I am hoping for some thaw and high percentages…

But when I was wondering about thawing, I scroll through about 10 pages of the FET board and saw some good posts on thawing and good success with low percentages…
hope that helps…


Hi Hopecat,

Yes we are together in the July board :slight_smile: Our embryos were also thawed the same morning. Thank you for the info, I will go read up now :nerd:

I will cross all my crossables for you for excellent thawing and a :bfp: for all of us ! Good luck tomorrow ! :flower:


From what I can tell, anything 50% or greater for cell survival is considered to have “survived” thaw.

Anything under 50% but not totally dead is considered to have “partially survived” thaw.

I had two “partially survived” (30%) embryos transferred on the 5th and ended up with a chemical pregnancy. I figure in order to even get as far as a chemical pregnancy, one of them had to implant and grow, at least a little. Right? So I don’t see any reason to be pessimistic about 50% or 60% embryos.


Thank you Brigala :grouphug:


When I was having my fet I asked the embryologist what the 50% means. They explained that in this instance the cells that did not survive are part of the cells that will form the placenta not the embryo. These cells have the ability to replenish themselves and therefore since they con reform they do not affect the pregnancy. Anything bellow 50% they choose not to transfer as the cells that belong to the embryo have been affected and therefore it will not result in a successful pregnancy. So with your 50% you still have good chances to be pregnant. I cross everything for you and I wish you the very best of luck


Thank you Mpoumpouditsa and Congratulations on your :bfp: ! Enjoy every second :cheer: