Success with Lupron Stop Protocol or is anyone on it now?


This is my first IVF I am 30 with AMH of .66

My FSH and estradiol are both good. We have MFI as well.

Should I be worried about premature lh surge and ovulating too early on this protocol. When I start stimming I stop the Lupron so what’s to say I don’t ovulate ?

anyone had success with this protocol or are you on it now?


Similar Protocol

Hmm. I am on a similar protocol, but I start Ganirelix when my lead follicle reaches 14 mm.


My first cycle I did just Follistim and Menopur until it was time to start the Ganirellix. I ovulated about 6 hours too early and the cycle was a bust!

For the next cycle, I did Lupron, Follistim, and Menopur. And then Ganirellix when it was time. My doctor watched my LH levels very closely to make sure I didn’t ovulate early again and I even did an extra dose of Ganirellix the afternoon I did my double Ovidrel injection. It worked and I ended up with 11 eggs, 9 mature.

I am now almost 27 weeks pregnant, so it worked well for me!!