Success with same protocol and lower dosage?


Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding my up coming IVF#2. I’m 39, I did a fresh cycle with ICSI in Feb. We ended up retrieving 16 eggs, 10 fertilized. 4AA and a 3BB transfered on day 5, and 3 frozen. I had a BNF for the fresh cycle and a checmical pregnancy with the FET.

I was on Lupron 10 IU twice a day and Gonal f 225 IU twice a day. I had my trigger shot on Day 9. According to my RE, she thinks this protocol works very well for me. Since last time I stimmed a bit fast and my E2 was a bit high (I don’t know the level), therefore she will lower my gonal f dosage for IVF#2.

Before we start the next cycle I will need to do a hysteroscopy and some blood test to see I have any clot blood?

Anyone had success with doing the same protocol as your previous cycle with lower dosage? Do you think with the lower dosage and longer stim days will improve the chances?