Success without IUI?


Well ladies, let me start with saying that my insurance doesn’t cover IUI or IVF. And even if I were to pay out of pocket for a IUI, they would decline all further infertility coverage. Doesn’t seem very fair but what can you do.
I’ve never ovulated from my knowledge while trying naturally (from BBTs and OPKs) and I did 3 rounds of Clomid and didn’t respond at all. No ovulation on any cycles. Finally I am doing a cycle of injectables and had 4 mature follicles! How exciting! So, I did my trigger yesterday and I keep worrying myself that it’s never going to happen without a IUI. We BD on the 13th, and then this morning. How often should we BD? The nurse told me every other day but gosh it seems like that isn’t enough! I don’t want to miss my time… I’m worrying myself sick. So some success stories with BD and no IUI’s would be very helpful right now :grouphug:


hi Krissersror, pls could u let me know how it went. if it worked. my ER is suggesting IUI but we cant afford it now and my hubby dosent want it. so i am left with the option of stimulating and trying naturally without IUI.


I will let you know how it goes! An IUI at my clinic only costs $371 without insurance coverage, so I could afford it if need be, BUT I’m worried since my insurance would drop all coverage after that. So that worries me. I guess I will just hope that timed intercourse works! :slight_smile: