Sucess stories with Cetrotide


Loads of baby dust to all…

This really helps me to get back on positive thinking and releived some of the twinges. In the mean time My RE called me with today’s blood results that my [email protected] is now increased to 4149 and they want me stop taking any further Gonal F and start taking Cetrotide .25mg for CD10 & CD11 they are putting me on so called Coasting. I amd scheduled back for round 3 B/U on Saturday. I am hoping every thing will calm down by then.

IVF # 1
10/29/10 - First B/U CD3 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu
CD4 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu
CD5 & CD6 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu twice a day
11/02/10 CD7 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu Just once that day Second B/U - E2 -2203 More then 20 follicles each overies and 3 >10mm on R and 2>10mm on L
CD8 - Dose droped Gonal f Injectibles 75iu once a day
CD9 - 3rd B/U - More then 40 follicles each overy and ranging from 11 - 13.7 mm 15 follicles in each overy. Still waiting for BW result for the E2-4149. Advised to stop Conal F and start Cetrotide .25mg once a day from tomorrow