Support, ET planned, new here


I’m new to posting on this site. I read it all the time though… Have been afraid to post in case things don’t work out… but have decided to do it anyways :).

Its been a long journey. I’m 37 and had a radical hysterectomy for cancer 4 years ago. We did IVF back then to freeze embies for later. This year, we thawed the 14 embryos but only one grew to a blast (a beautiful one at that). We decided to do another round of IVF to get a couple of more embryos… but that has been a rocky road with lead follicle issues x3- we decided to go ahead on the last cycle so did not get a lot of eggs.

Egg retrieval was this past wed, 3 were mature, 2 fertilized and now they are growing. We have a 5 day transfer planned for Monday. Nervous that we only have 2 that are growing and one that still has to thaw. Nothing is for certain- that makes this hard.

We are lucky. We have the most wonderful surrogate in the world… and she is ready to go…
I’m super anxious, trying not to get excited and just hope they are growing and thriving (they dont like to disturb them so no reports at day 3)… not sure how I will sleep the next few nights and would love some support from all of you who know what its like… all the ups and downs. Planning for the worst and hoping for the best has been our mantra but I am so ready for good news!


Best of luck sending positive thoughts your way!!!


thank you!!
All this waiting is sooo hard!!!