Support needed!


Hello Everyone~

I am very new here. I am on day five of stimulating injections. I am donating to my sister who has already had two rounds that failed with her own eggs. I am having a tough time and was wondering if anyone has donated to their sister and would like to be my buddy? I don’t want to “complain” to her because I know it would just make her feel badly. Plus I think it would be nice to talk to someone who has been in my shoes. Thanks!!!



Thank you for being an amazing person, and cosidering your sisters feelings in mind during this process.

I wish I could be of support, but I’m just getting started on my own journey with my DH. Just wanted to say Thank you for being there for your sister. Its uplifting.



Thanks for being so Inspirational to others. :slight_smile: My sister actually donated her eggs for my sons. Keep your Head Up.

I found my inspiration at They give you a more personal approach to Surrogacy and includes information on what it’s like to be in THEIR shoes. I wish you the best.



Again, I am not in your shoes, but wanted to offer my support. Infertility is quite a journey with a wide range of emotions. I agree that your sister probably isn’t the one to share your doubts, fears, hurts with since she is going through her own I’m sure. But your feelings DO count. Share them here, share them with a friend, a counselor. You are entitled to them. I have found this to be a very nonjudgmental site and I have shared things here that I haven’t shared anywhere else. It helps.


Donating2sis - you didn’t say what exactly was troubling you but I wanted to tell you that you are doing an amazing thing but it can be very difficult. Are you having trouble with the shots and the sense of having your body being invaded? Or are you feeling a sense of attachment to your eggs and the child it will create? I really hope you get the support you need.