Surrogacy abroad?


Trying to conceive is such a difficult part of my married life.I am ttc from last 10 years.Still i don’t have any luck with it.
There is no specfic cause of my infertility.I have gone through several medical tests regaring infertility but doctors can’t decide the main cause for my infertility.So they have called me infertile for life.
I want a baby too badly as i have been trying to conceive from the last decade.I am looking for other alternatives to have a baby.I have looked into a numbe rof options like adoption,surrogacy.
I have came to know from many forums about surrogacy. i heard many infertile women going for surrogacy.People on forum are discussing mostly about surrogacy,People discuss about clinics mostly.


All I could suggest you is have a fertility clinic. That would provide you all the services you are asking for. And to the solution of the legal allegations. You could find some places where surrogacy is legal. So you won’t have to look for the lawyer. And no worries over getting into legal allegations.
Once you have found the surrogacy clinic. They would find you the surrogate. And all the contract and the terms and conditions would be done among you.
So get the fertility clinic and let all the concerns go off. Let clinic and their team do the rest of the work.


Hello dear, I hope you are going well. I feel very sad for you.I know that all infertility treatment is a little bit expensive. If you want that the child should be genetically yours than surrogacy is the valid method. If this method is not banned in your country. You may ask funds from the government and when the government allows you to move abroad. There are many clinics who deal with their reasonable packages in abroad. So, I suggest you move Europe there is less budget otherwise ask for governmental help. They never refuse a mother. You may also ask for the low-cost treatment form the relevant clinic. They will help you without any hesitation. I glad to know that you want to move for surrogacy treatment and still you making efforts for this. Please, also try clinics, where it’s affordable. Try clinics in Europe, it’s pretty affordable there. I know it’s hard but they will help you and listen to you about your Physical and financial condition. I hope for the best.


I should say every infertility treatment has its risks, surely. Surrogacy allows women who cannot carry a healthy pregnancy themselves to become mothers. But for the intended mother, the risks of gestational surrogacy are mainly related to the ovulation induction and egg retrieval that she will undergo if she is using her own eggs to create the embryos. The use of a gestational surrogate carries significant financial risks. For example, talking about the US options.The intended parents are responsible for all of the medical costs of the surrogate. The use of a surrogate is very expensive even if everything goes well. And if the surrogate experiences medical complications, the intended parents will be responsible for the entire costs of her treatment. They may also be expected to compensate her for the loss of her time and for the damage to her body. Insurance doesn’t usually cover these costs. Therefore, the use of a gestational surrogate can become extremely expensive for the intended parents. Their ability to absorb the potential extra costs should be considered before they decide to proceed. Even with a well-written contract, there is a risk that the surrogate will decide to keep the child after birth and mother it herself. Because the law in some states gives parental rights to the woman who gives birth to the child, if she decides not to legally transfer those rights to the intended parents for whom she was a surrogate, there may be no way for the intended parents to enforce the contract. The worry about this potential situation may make the entire surrogate pregnancy a difficult emotional time for the intended parents.The cost for gestational surrogacy in the US can be $60,000 (for 1 shot only) to $100,000 or even higher. The cost varies depending on several factors, including the region and the particular surrogacy agency. These are just some of the facts and they vary so much within counties/clinics/agencies. One should definitely do a thorough research before proceeding with surrogacy. From my experience it’s worth considering Ukraine.


I’m with you. Would-be parents from nearby West European countries including the UK and from as far as Australia and the USA are seeking surrogacy in Eastern Europe more and more. The process is well regulated there. Surrogates are usually required to submit photos upon application. Then they undergo testing both physically and psychologically to make sure they are fit. Only women who have given birth before are qualified to become surrogate mothers. Agencies/clinics usually do not accept surrogates who drink, smoke, or take drugs. Typical surrogate moms from Eastern Europe are between 20 and 40 yrs. Prospective parents are given several profiles they can choose from before agreeing to a surrogate mom. As I’ve mentioned above, before going straight for pregnancy, a surrogate would have to undergo extensive medical testing. What tests a woman has to go through depends on the country’s law. Usually these involve gynecological examinations, blood tests, and screening for various sexually-transmitted diseases among many others. She also has to go through psychological screening. She would usually be given continual counseling by the agency along with the parents. In countries where commercial surrogacy is legal like Ukraine, the surrogate will have zero parental rights over the child!!! Gestational surrogacy cases may require some paperwork so that you can be legally named parents of the child. Otherwise, all you need to worry about is acquiring an exit visa for the child!! But as usual there are some cons. While more affordable and financially feasible for you, you will unfortunately not be able to personally screen potential mothers for the surrogate pregnancy process in Eastern Europe. Since your baby’s life depends on the surrogate for nine months, it’s best to check your agency’s/clinic’s reputation when it comes to choosing and screening surrogate moms. One should make sure his agency/clinic performs regular checks and home visits on the surrogate since you one can’t be there physically to do it on his own.


I’m glad there are still countries which allow surrogacy. Banning it in my personal opinion is no way out. Too many couples are suffering leading childless life. Not planned. Not deserved. So that’s really nice they can still opt for it even if overseas. I’d surely recommend looking onto Ukraine as the destination. The advantages are the following:
The baby’s considered to be yours from the moment of conception.
The birth certificate is issued with the IP names.
The surrogate mother has no right to keep the baby after delivery.
There are so called ‘‘guaranteed’’ plans.
No long waiting lists.
You may use donor eggs without extra troubling.
There are many good clinics to choose from. (I personally would recommend looking onto
Many surrogates/ egg donors participate in the programs.
All this makes the country really unique destination.


Also a couple of words as for egg donors. They also go through a very stringent psychological evaluation. The clinic’s main job is to build a profile of the donor from every angle. Including personality, intellectual capabilities, motivation, level of responsibility, and health background. Their questions during the initial interview cover the donor’s education history and grade point average and her family’s professional background. They ask the donor to describe her personality traits: Is she talkative, shy, confident, caring etc. Many potential donors do not make the cut in bio texcom. Women who smoke, use illicit drugs, or consume excessive amounts of alcohol are immediately rejected! Psychological disorders are also a gray area. They will never accept a donor if she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia or severe manic depression. In other clinics the mild history of anxiety or depression usually does not preclude them from becoming donors. Other clinics just ask how many generations back it goes and whether they’ve had an episode recently. It all goes into the report, and it’s up to the doctor to make the decision!! which is an absolute rubbish, I would never want my donor be a depressive one or sth of this kind. I’m glad Bio tex takes extremelly precise look onto all those things.


My RE diagnosed me with blocked fallopian tubes and low egg count. She said my ovaries looked okay. Below are my first test results. So if anyone sees a red flag or a trend I should have investigated further, please let me know: Normal cycle length 27-31 days. Ovulate between cd 13-19. Luteal phase between 12-14. HSG - right side open. Left side either spasmed or blocked. There was an air bubble at the opening of the tube – so very painful!! I always briefly spotted a few days before I ovulated. Husband tested okay. BBT temps seemed to be on the low side - range between 96.4-97.2 pre-ovulation and 97.7 and 97.8 post-ovulation…We finally ended up with using donor egg with IVF successfully.