Surrogacy abroad?


Surrogacy in Ukraine is only available to married heterosexual couples!! Couples also have to demonstrate that they require surrogacy. They have to provide suitable evidence such as the absence or deformation of the uterus to include adhesions or scar tissue. Risk to the health of the mother or potential child through pregnancy or by providing evidence of having 4 failed IVF attempts. The IP of a child born through surrogacy are considered to be biological parents from the moment of conception. They are specifically named as biological parents in the birth certificate without any mentioning of the surrogate mother. Importantly the gestational surrogate has no legal claim over the child!! Also no specific permission from any regulatory body is required. However written informed consent of all parties participating in the surrogacy program is mandatory! Unlike the US and Canada, babies born through surrogacy in Ukraine do not gain Ukrainian citizenship!!! Ukraine is currently the most popular surrogacy destination. Whilst it is an attractive option for couples because of the relatively low cost, couples need to be aware of the limitations with surrogacy in Ukraine.


Things to consider:
English is not widely spoken in the Ukraine. This can make it difficult for the IP to navigate their way through all aspects of the journey. It can also make for a very complicated journey legally, where all correspondence,documents and agreements have to be translated through a professional service. It is advisable to get an English speaking lawyer in Ukraine to represent you. (Unless the service is included into the package price).
It is important that the intended parent’s name, particularly the intended mother’s name, is exactly the same on both passport and marriage certificates. Any discrepancy can lead to time delays as translation, notarisation and apostillization of the documents will be required.
Some medical institutions request that intended parents ‘shall not submit any legal claims against the institution for any reason’. This contradicts the civil procedural code of Ukraine! Namely, the individuals right to defend his or her interests in court and is something that should concern you.
In total you can expect to pay about €40k for a surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine. This may or may not include a guaranteed take home baby package (Which will cover the cost of all the IVF attempts until you achieve a pregnancy.) You should also budget for flights and general living expenses, taking into account that you may have to stay there for up to 6 weeks post birth. (Angain, if it’s not included into the package price).


Surrogacy procedure is one of appropriate solutions in cases when couple can not deliver a baby in natural way due to any reasons. Right chosen surrogate mother will bear you a healthy child who will have genes of genetic parents as all their materials (cells) are transferred to surrogate mother. Some years ago, married couples who have faced such problem were the despair of it. And they thought that anything can be done in such case. But today, clinic of reproductive medicine confidently says, “No! There is no absolute infertility! “. From day to day, medicine and science rapidly develop. As a result, it become possible to solve problems of infertility and make dream of becoming happy parents come true. Sometimes this development moves even faster than we can keep track of various innovations and incredible researches. And if today you are faced with a female, male infertility – do not despair! Combining years of experience in vitro fertilization medicine, modern technologies and developments of latest scientific researches, fertility experts will help everyone who has faced some difficulties in conceiving a child.
There are different packages the clinic we’d been with offers. One of my favourite is Standard Surrogacy Package (waiting time: up to 1 year) provides:
Medical Part: Medical tests and checks for all participants of the program (intended parents, surrogate mother and egg donor). Medications for all participants of the program (IP, SM and ED). Unlimited IVF cycles. Pregnancy care (pregnancy monitoring) for the SM. DNA paternity test in thier partnering laboratory. PGD service to detect the possible genetic abnormalities (the sex of a baby(s) is not detected). The child’s doctor attends the baby every other day. In case of miscarriage compensation to a surrogate mother is paid by them. In case of the premature birth all the expenses related to additional medical treatment, special medical equipment utilization etc. are covered by them from the day of birth.
Legal Support and Paperwork: Surrogacy contract elaborations. Support on the final stage of the process for obtaining of the birth certificate for a baby(s) and travel documents for them to leave the country.
Organization and Coordination: Customers are provided with the babysitter services for 4 hours a day in a daytime. Customers are provided with the support package: transportation, food, a room in the hotel of higher class, smartphone and SIM card of Ukrainian mobile operator.
Accommodation is provided for two (2) months after birth. The program doesn’t cover: twin pregnancy compensation (EUR 3000) though.