Surrogacy in Ukraine


hello everyone!
I’m new on this forum and want to share my story and hopefully hear your stories and may be even find some friends)

I’m 38, married and earn good money. I always work with children and of course want one myself. About 4 years I have been fighting with my disease which in the end made me not able to get pregnant or bear my child. So husband suggested surrogacy as an option.

If be honest I’m lucky woman who have such a supportive husband, he never give up on me while I was very ill and not now too (we are together for 13 years)

For last few weeks I spend so much time with my laptop, reading and sending emails than I feel like I’m professor in surrogacy now. Lol. But of course I’m not, we think about Ukraine as a very good option with loyal conditions and reasonable prices. I find couple clinics in Ukraine where Biotexcom look like the most popular and have best result and reviews. What is the most attractive for us is that you can take your child home almost straight away after birth, you will get any help with paperwork what needed. I read stories where parents took their so wanted children home in 2-3 weeks after labor. So i send email to Biotexcom and got the answer on the next day and i call them straight after, The girl I talk to had great english and a lot of patience to talk with someone like me)) I’m 99% sure I’m going.

May be someone here been through the same?

I will be so thankful for any respond!

Or may be I can help with anything!
So exited)


Hello kellylou178! How is your search going? Have you already been in BioTexCom? My husband and I came back from there a week ago. It was our first visit and we are very satisfied about it. The service was pretty good! We chose VIP package and paid the first part of it’s cost 10 000 euros. Now we are waiting for the clinic to find a surrogate mother for us) Veeery excited!


Hello girls! Brenda, you’ve already know my surrogacy story) I’ll tell it one more time for you, kellylou178. Maybe it will help you to make final decision) I had surrogacy in BioTexCom. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus. The uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries were removed. That was really hard time for our family. The only way out was surrogacy. After long search we decided to stop on Ukraine. We stayed completely satisfied with their services. And of course we are fully satisfied with the result! We became parents of wonderful healthy boy! My husband and I are very happy and grateful. The clinic didn’t play for time! As soon as we contacted their manager, they sent us letter. There were all required information and all documents, which we’ll need in the clinic. Their doctors are professionals and they know their job. Now we are planning to go there for our second baby!


Hi Brenda, actually I have some updates for you.
I have my first attempt in Biotexcom in the end of May, feel excited and nervous abit. It did take me long time to decide but with the help of the manager of the clinic and support of my husband we did it. I can’t wait to see the clinic and meet my doctor.
I want to start blog after my first visit to Ukraine and tell everyone about what troubles I have to face there and how is everything going on. I hope girl who are still can’t make the decision may find my blog useful!
Dee.R thank you for sharing your story, it’s mean a lot to me. I hope you and your baby boy are well and happy!