Switch from Crinone to Progesterone Suppositories


Is it safe to switch from one form of progesterone to another after a few weeks of use? I have been using Crinone for about a week since a day-6 blastocyst transfer, and have enough to last me for another three weeks. Would it be ok for me to switch to vaginal suppositories after the Crinone is over? (I use Crinone once a day and would need to use 3 suppositories a day, if that matters).


Why are you switching?


My doc wanted me to do a completely natural FET but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. I have some crinone and some suppositories left over from previous cycles so thought I could use them.


No, I am not comfortable with this either but the philosophy of doctors here in Sweden seems to be “the less medication the better”. This is why I want to use my leftover Crinone and suppositories and was wondering if it would be okay to switch from Crinone to the suppositories after a few weeks.


Anyone who knows the answer to my question: Is it ok to switch from using Crinone once a day to suppositories thrice a day after using Crinone for 4 weeks?