Switching OB's?


Stupid insomnia- my DH and I found out today (yesterday technically) that my OB does not do U/S in his office. My DH is very upset. We just got a bill from my last papsmear with them, from the lab, for an additional co pay. Now we find out he outsources u/s so we will have to pay a second copay for that. My copay isn’t exactly cheap it’s 25$ each time. That adds up quick. My DH wants me to switch ob’s he said what does he even do then. I’m stressing out now because I think he is going to make a big stink tomorrow. There is a nice OB in the same building as my office, and my DH and I both work at the hospital the new OB delivers at. I don’t know if I’d have the same copay issue, but there would be no commute to appointment saving us gas and work time. I love my current OB. He is so nice. I know and have worked with the new one on a professional level. She is nice too. What should I do? Is 10 weeks to late to shop around? Also this would be my second OBgyn change in 4 years if I switch. Does that make me seem like a generally unhappy patient?
Was I just spoiled at my RE and now normal will not seem like enough?


10 weeks definitely isn’t too late to switch.

My OB is the same. I remember being shocked after I switched from my RE b/c I was so used to all the high-tech equipment at the RE’s office. I didn’t think of it as being charged copays twice, b/c I figured those would be separate appointments anyway, but maybe I’m wrong! I’m not sure how common it is for OB’s to have all the u/s equipment.

Maybe find out if the new OB would do the u/s inhouse, then talk it over with your hubby. See what you’re most comfortable with.


Definitely not too late! I switched obs @24 weeks with twins. My old ob kept pushing for a csection strictly cuz of twins and I don’t want one unless it’s necessary. So I found an ob that is vaginal birth friendly with twins and made the switch.
I don’t think it makes u look unhappy at all. After all the money we put into getting pregnant the last thing we need is more copays and bills at every appt.
I would make the switch - but I would find out if u have to pay the same copays for the new one too.

My new ob told me it’s never too late to switch… As long as u haven’t gone into labor yet, your good!!!


My OB only does 2 ultrasounds anyway, one at first appointment and one at 34 weeks (she refers out to an MFM for the NT and anatomy scans). I asked a lot of my girlfriends and except in the case of twins, this seems to be fairly standard. It was a big shock from getting so many ultrasounds at the RE.

In any event, thought I’d mention that you’re probably not looking at too many additional co-pays if you wanted to stay with your OB.


^ yeah, my OB sent me to the MFM for the NT scan (1st tri), anatomy scan (2nd tri), and in the third tri. it’s basically three u/s visits, unless there is a complication and they need to monitor you more closely.


Thank you all for your support. My DH and I went to my current OB today. He is amazing. He spent 45 minutes just talking with us, he gave us his personal pager number because if I have a problem he wants me to talk to him not the person on call who doesn’t know what we have been through to get here. We walked into the exam room and when the doctor left so I could change my DH said “ok we can stay, I remember why we come her now.” We were able to hear our baby on dopler so I was content knowing despite no u/s that the baby was ok. Its so hard being a normal person after being spoiled by the RE.


^ that’s great news! and i know the feeling!


We changed Ob’s after my last miscarriage and the Ob’s were so mean to me after. I realize now having gone to a different clinic that I was not getting proper care the first time around.