Switching to IUI after unsuccessful IVF attempts


Hello ladies,
Wondering if anyone out there was successful using IUI as an alternative if you were labeled a poor responder.

I’ve undergone 2 IVF both fresh cycle, both out of pocket.

Or has anyone had growth hormones used in their protocol? I might be able to get into a clinical trial.

Unfortunately, it has come down to finances. I’m also looking into Compassionate Care funds, has anyone been able to get their meds covered?

What about ordering your meds overseas? I’m a bit concerned with getting Gonal-F shipped.

Many thanks for your help.


Not sure you story or why you were trying IVF but if you are a poor responder to IVF then you would most likely be an equally poor responder to IUI. The issue with both is that the meds that increase egg number also decrease quality. Maybe you could look into micro-ivf/natural cycle IVF. Take a break for a few months to recover from the hormones and build back your antral follicles, get accupuncture, try a bit of natural herbal supplementation and mayan abdominal massage and then do a micro-ivf cycle. Micro-IVF is considerably less expensive and with IVF versus IUI at least you guarantee that sperm meets egg.


Thanks for the info - I went straight to IVF because I only had one more vial (donor sperm). I was hoping for a biological connection to my son. I’m heading in for my consult next week and just want to feel I’ve thought of everything. I will ask about micro ivf.


Where are you located? Spain and UK have much less expensive ivf s and meds.