Symptoms Stopping?


We are 23 days past a 3 day FET. My wife mentioned that she was feeling a light pinching cramp the last two days and had some light peach colored spotting during that time. She’s concerned now as she says that her symptoms have stopped and she feels normal. This started last night and has continued this morning.

Is this cause for concern or just the two of us overanalyzing and reading into every little thing?



Pregnancy symptoms totally come and go throughout the first trimester and some women have little to no symptoms at all.

Your wife will probably have some other pregnancy symptom pop up before you get an answer from others on your question.

Try to relax and enjoy, you guys are :preg:



Symptoms will come and go. At 5 weeks she is fairly early to be feeling much anyway. I had some light cramping at that time, but not all the time. Unless she is heavy spotting or more or has period like cramps, I would try not to worry (yeah, Right!) Good luck!


I also had touch and go symptoms in the beginning…I didn’t get the fully affect until around 7 weeks…so tell her to relax and enjoy…:cheer:

Happy Thanksgiving.


I also had my pregnancy symptoms disappear, around 8 1/2 weeks. I went from being completely exhausted all the time to merely tired and my appetite went from nothing to more than it was before and my boobs deflated. I called my RE and they got me in for an US and everything was fine. 2 days later I was back to (pregnancy) normal. Try to relax - it’s a tough, tough journey but if it’s a relatively symptom-free one, you and your DW will be grateful!