Take the endometrin down


So today I got a bfp…now i was so focused on the nurse telling me my test was positive that i kind of lost focus when she was telling me other things…

she told me to take the endometrin down to twice a day. I told her that i had already had 2 doses today and asked if i should just skip my night dose. I’m pretty sure she said yes and start one at night and one in the morning tomorrow…but i am panicking now that maybe she said to do the night dose tonight?

anybody have any thoughts…this is really not something I want to call the on call people for!


it’s ok

I don’t know the BFP feeling however as a nurse it isn’t a big deal to re answer questions. We understand people get excited, sad, happy or think of questions after the phone hangs up.

Just call and have peace of mind.


Thanks, and I did call the answering service and am waiting on a nurse to call me back. Just feel a little silly, but you are right I need the peace of mind!