Taking supplements


has anyone ever taken supplement to help with egg quality? My doctor has recommended me take co Q10 and PQQ. Just wondering if anyone has taken PQQ as I am finding it difficult to get at naturopath stores.


Ironically, I just ordered PQQ online. The best known brand is by Life Extension. It costs about $18 per bottle of 30 capsules. From what I have researched, the dose to take is 20 mg per day, so you would need to take a pill in the morning and at bedtime since each pill is 10mg.

I ordered mine through amazon.com and am expecting this week thankfully. I did a lot of comparison shopping and they were by far the cheapest. One bottle will last 15 days since there are 30 capsules per bottle.

Below is an article on PQQ. Though not specifically related to fertility you can infer how it would impact reproduction and hence egg quality since the egg has the most mitochondria of any cell in the human body. It does speak to how PQQ impacts the mitochondria, which is now thought to be key as to why older women have poor quality eggs.

Rejuvenate Your Cells by Growing New Mitochondria - ALS Research & Treatments - ALS Forums | ALS TDI - ALS Therapy Development Institute

Best of luck to you!