Temping and opk after d&c


Hopefully someone out there can give me some advice…
I had a d&c on 1st March, 30 days ago.
My first negative HPT was on CD20.
I tested with OPK as well and they were positive simultaneously with HPT. I know that OPK will pick up on HCG and show positive as well, so it’s sure to be the reason for positive OPK and HPT’s.
I then got a positive OPK on CD27. Is it possible that I ovulated only 7 days after the HPT was negative?
I have all kinds of ovary sensations, it has felt like I have been ovulating the whole time since my positive OPK.
BUT, my temperatures have not risen, as would normally be the case after a positive OPK.
They are just hovering on what my normal ovulation temp would be, but hovering for the last six days.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Today I feel pms feelings.

And yes, we have BD quite a lot, not really TTC, more just in the mood, which is usually my sign for ovulating too.

Bit confused. It’s unlikely we will get pregnant without ivf, due to history, see my sig.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you


Hi, I began ovulating immediately after a miscarriage (passed naturally) and fell pregnant. Unfortunately lost that one as well so it was probably too soon and should maybe have waited the recommended 3 months. So I guess it could be the same with ovulation possible immediately following a d&c. Sorry for you loss and hope everything works out for you!

Missed m/c Nov 2011 9 wks - passed at 6wks :wings:

m/c Feb 2012 6wks :wings:

m/c Apr 2012 6wks :wings:

m/c Aug 2012 6wks :wings:

Currently pregnant @ 7 wks :pray:


Wow! That’s amazing that you ovulated right after your m/c. I see your sig and so very sorry for what you have been through! 7 wks now tho! It’s hopeful! Have you ever sent any of your tissue after m/c away for testing?
A friend went through many m/c and they found she needed progesterone support, it was the reason the pregnancies weren’t able to sustain.

AFM: still no AF, d&c was 32 days ago. Only had positive OPK’s CD8-14 and again for one day CD27.
Temps are still hovering at ovulation temp, not pre ov temps and not post ov temps… Hmmm


Thanks AngeliqueMe. I had my progesterone levels checked with my blood test last week and they said they are fine… I did see a naturopath last year though who recommended a progesterone supplement. A doctor I spoke to said it probably wouldn’t help in my case though. It’s so confusing with so much information out there! Unfortunately I’ve been living in a remote country town so haven’t been receiving the best care but now I have a good specialist in the city so the plan is to test tissue if things don’t work out this time. Then next step will be PGD and IVF. Still cautiously hoping this one works out though! All the best to you.

p.s I love the quote in your sig!


Me too, hoping for u, that all works out this time!!! It has to doesn’t it? Oh I really hope all is well. I watched a show of One Born Every Minute and the nurse said that nobody is ever secure 100% in their pregnancy. I hope that helps somewhat, in that you may feel its ok to worry, cz even those who have never had losses, they still worry.

I am still waiting for AF… my temps went up for the first time today, but OPK was positive 7 days ago, so I am pretttty confused still! I have a lot of AF feelings too, for days now… This was the same as my last pregnancy… I can still dream I guess, that the unlikely possibility of us falling pregnant on our own, could work! Yu never know right?


PS yes, how great is that quote for our journey!


That’s right - you never know it may happen for you naturally and I really hope and pray it does. I’ve certainly heard wonderful stories of success when not expected. They happen to others so why not us!?

Thanks, it’s good to be reminded that it’s natural for everyone to be concerned during pregnancy! I’m trying to view this as the next step in my journey - hopefully with a positive outcome! But if not we will at least have some more answers after more tests.

I’m having my first scan tomorrow :cross:


Oh good luck tomo!!!
May he force be with you! Please update me!

Still no AF over here, but no symptoms and no positive HPT either… And now I have had a taste of pregnancy, I feel I know the symptoms well. Sore bb’s were hardcore. And none whatsoever going on.


My 7wk scan was good! I was so surprised, having never made it this far. Saw heart beat (161bpm). Also, this time implantation is on the left side of my uterus whereas all previous pregnancies have been on the right side. Hoping this is a good sign! Next scan in two weeks. How are things with you?


Oh this is SUCH EXCELLENT NEWS!!! So brilliant! Well done. Heartbeat must have been amazing!
AFM: still no AF. Went to a wedding out of town and got to let my hair down and do some exaggerated wedding dancing haha
I had to get my first pen of Puregon incase AF arrived while I was away. Carried it on the plane with a letter and a freeze pack… But no AF…


Glad you got to let your hair down and have some fun… so important! I’m sorry but I don’t really understand the IVF process or the drugs etc, although that will be our next step if I have another miscarriage. It seems like a very daunting process and I truly admire the strength of those who try that path… I hope things are going well for you - good luck!! :grouphug:


Well hopefully you never need to do ivf… LET THIS ONE STICK MCSTICK!!!
AND (drum roll dn dn dn dn ) AF has arrived!
I start my cycle today, so IVF drugs start tomorrow…
It’s a lot of info re ivf so yeh, don’t even bother with it, you won’t need to anyway, it’s way complicated haha