Terrified bfp


Hello, my name is jenn and I just tested 10dpiui and got a very faint :bfp: ! I took a few tests, one internet test strip, and one equate, and both has the same faint bfp! I tested at 7dpiui to make sure the trigger was out of my system and it was a :bfn: ! I am kinda scared that I am seeing the :bfp: so early!!! It seems too early. I have had 8 iui. I got a bfp the first round and miscarried and all bfn until now. I do have an 8 year old dd. I am terrified that this is not real or something is going to go wrong. This will be my dh first baby. The miscarriage was also his. How do I start being so scared??? Why am I bfp sooooo early???


I don’t know the answers to your questions but you have to relax. There could be more than one in there, the process could have moved along quicker than it does for others, I’m not sure. If you got a BFP then you are currently pregnant. I recommend you try to get in for a beta appointment and until then relax and continue taking HPTs until you get in to get your beta done. Since you have an 8 year old, are you having any of the symptoms that you had when you were pregnant back then? If so, then I’d say get ready for a healthy and happy 9 months. CONGRATS.


Thank you gambler! I have a terrible memory. That was so long ago. I am already nauseaous, have sore boobs, so tired, and have times where I am incredibly hungry. I had these syptoms when I was preg and mc in 2008. That was my first iui and I had been annovulatory and hemmorraged once a year instead of getting monthly cycles. I am hoping that after 2 years of fertility treatment and regularity my chances are better. I’m very high anxiety. If no ant flo shows up I will go for a beta test Monday. The question is, can I make it till then!!!


Hi Jen,

I think getting a BFP at only 10 days post IUI is very good news!

Implantation can occur at various times (I think 6 to 10 or 6 to 12 days post ovulation- there’s a bunch of threads about this on this site), and then it takes a day or two for the hcg to start circulating through your system. So, if you implant earlier you’ll get a BFP earlier. And many of the threads on here seem to say that there is higher risk of mc with late implantation, so the earlier the better. So, honestly I would be more worried not getting a BFP early, but then getting on day 13 or 14 only.

Test again tomorrow, you’ll probably have a darker line due to more hcg in your system, which should help you calm down about everyhing. Good luck!


I know this is easier for me to say than for you to do, but you need to stop worrying. That won’t help anything. I got my BFP on 10dpiui and everything is absolutely fine. I am having twins and at least one of them implanted early. You are lucky to have gotten your BFP so early–less days of stressing over it. Don’t drive yourself nuts. :grouphug:


Don’t worry! Seeing it early is a good thing!! I got a faint positive on 10dpiui and then I got a BFP on the digital on 11dpiui!!!

Congrats!!! :preg:


I say, CONGRATS!!!

I too got my BFP really, really early. It was 10 days past trigger and 9 past iui. I had gotten a faint line too. I thought it was the trigger. It was my first time getting the trigger, so I shrugged my shoulders and said , no it can’t be. I tested the nest day and no still there, plus it was getting darker. I had a beta and it was postive! I was pregnant and it was a viable pregnancy. I have my one month old sleeping in swing right now as I type this.

Unfortunately, for me, I never stopped worrying. Every u/s , every pain I had, I worried. You just really have to be positive and have faith that everything is alright! Relax and wishing you a H and H 9 months!