Test Reliability


I had my fet on nov1. 2 cgh normal blasts. I tested in the morning using the stream hpt and the line was light. 5 hours later I used a digital one and showed + but the stream one was lighter. My beta is on 11. Could this be a chemical?


I would suspect the line was lighter simply because it wasn’t first morning urine. Also the darkness of the lines on those tests aren’t that reliable. I believe the digital tests tend to need higher hcg so that being positive is a good sign.


Cosmopolitan, I also don’t think the “lightness” or “darkness” of those tests are accurate. I also had 2 CGH normal blasts transferred on October 31 and had my beta yesterday. It was 22. I know we ideally want a beta that’s above a 50, but there are so many outliers as far as low beta numbers that turn out to be healthy pregnancies. Is your RE going to retest your beta on Monday? I think as long as the beta is doubling, you should be ok =) I think it’s too soon to know if it’s a chemical, but that’s just my two cents… Hang in there!


Sorry cosmopolitan… I misread your post … I thought you said your beta today was 11 and I realized that your beta is scheduled on Nov. 11. Ditto to what dragon girl said… Don’t read into the darkness of the lines and also the digital tests do need at least a beta of 25 to register as a positive… so that’s a good sign! Good luck with your first beta on Nov 11!


I still didnt test for beta.it is on Monday then again on Wednesday. I hope so much. I kept crying today a lot because of those lines…


Oh no =( It’s so hard to not get emotional about it =( Don’t read into the lines =) Just like dragon girl said, your pee is more concentrated in the morning and also dyes differ per batch of pregnancy tests… It’s a HUGE positive sign that the digital is a +!!! Good luck with your beta on Monday =)


You are going to get great news tomorrow! Think positive! You could have seen no line! Cry happy tears & celebrate!!!


Good luck tomorrow. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers.


Thank you ladies. Your support means a lot!♡