Tests that ccrm do


Hi i am hoping some of you might be able to help me a little. I just turned 33. I have had 4 ivf’s. All of them are only 4 and 5 cells on day 3. The last ivf we did lupron and got to a 6 cell on day 3.

Bascially my doctors are baffled. No one can figure this out. They can’t understand why im not pregnant yet.

I feel like there was something missed along the way.
Maybe blood tests i should of got done or other tests.

I have heard ccrm does every test under the sun.

My question is can someone please tell me all the blood tests and other tests that ccrm do.

I am so desperate, i feel like a lost case and don’t know where to go from here.

My doctors are not finding any answers for me, so i thought i’d do some research on there so i can ask them for the tests.

Thanks very much for any help. I appreciate it alot.


Hi - I think you’ll find a lot of this if you go through the CCRM thread and read about people’s one day workup (ODWU). It seems to vary a bit person to person based on background – for example, some people get a beta integrin test while others don’t. I’d search that thread for ODWU and for test and see what you can learn, then post in there if you still have questions.