Tev-Tropin anyone?


Has anyone used Tev-Tropin and thinks it made a huge difference in your cycle. I understand that it is generic Saizen but much cheaper. Saizen can run $750 for just 1 cycle.



Hey Sun-

I took a few vials of Tev-Tropin with my last cycle and I can’t say if it helped or not, though I have a handsome 8 month old to show for it from that cycle. My fertilization rate was awful from the Tev-Tropin cycle but it produced what no cycle could before- my little man. I can’t say if I would take it again, maybe my 3rd cycle was just my time or maybe the HGH really helped, who knows. I can tell you that because of the dose I was on, 1/2 vial daily with stims, I spent well over $750. Walgreens offers a discount on it when you sign up for their prescription club card. Good luck!