Thanksgiving Announcements


So, I’m about 8 weeks now. It’s still kind of hard to believe I’m pregnant. Right now the only people who know are my dh and the brother of mine I feel closest too (the due date just happens to be on his birthday too!).
We’re planning on telling our families this week. We’ll be at my in-laws’ on Thursday, and we’re going to have dinner with my family Friday or Saturday. For my in-laws we’re going to pose for a family picture, tell them we’re pregnant, and get a picture of their reactions. For my family, we’ll probably just tell them at dinner.
I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there planning to make the big announcement on Thanksgiving. Share your plans/stories!:grouphug:


Congratulations! I’m impressed that you have been able to keep it a secret so long and I’m so excited for you to be able to announce it in a fun way. I always dreamed about how I would announce it when I was pregnant and then by the time I did get pregnant we had decided to be pretty open about our IVF and everyone was waiting for the results as soon as we found out. So no fun shocking announcement for us :slight_smile:

Do you have any traditions about telling everyone what you’re thankful for at dinner? Maybe you could do that this year and when it’s your turn, tell them you’re thankful you get to make your parents Grandparents again, or something like that.

Have fun and enjoy the moment!


[quote=essemkay]I wish I had your confidence. Although I’m busting with wanting to shout the news from the rooftops, my husband and I decided to wait until Christmas, since that’s the end of the first trimester for me. So I’ve only told a couple of girlfriends and one of my brothers, all of whom knew we were doing the IVF.

I like your reaction photo and Sculli’s “what are you thankful for” ideas! :)[/quote]

Congratulations on your pregnancy and you should be able to come up with all kinds of fun Christmas announcement ideas! Wrapping framed ultrasound pictures for the Grandparents, making “World’s Greatest Grandpa” mugs, oh that is so fun! You can occupy your mind between now and then thinking of good Christmas ideas. When you’re not throwing up, of course. :slight_smile: Is this your first pregnancy?


That is so stinkin’ awesome! I mean not that you had a chemical once but that you are pregnant now! And hey you’ve made it past hearing the heartbeat, which is the first milestone! I’m really, really happy for you. One thing I didn’t do that I wish I would have done is to start a journal. I ended up going through old posts and emails to basically re-create one, but it’s amazing how much you forget, and you will want to remember every detail. This time next year you will be planning your first Christmas with a baby - it’s as awesome as you’ve ever imagined it to be! (That goes for you, too Lilac!) :grouphug:


Thats what I did last year!! The rest of my immediate family already knew, but I wrapped up an ultrasound picture in a special ultrasound frame and gave it to my grandmother for Christmas…It took her a little while to figure out what it was…but once she realized it she was soooooo excited!!!


DH and I have been really trying to hold off telling everyone until Christmas… I’ll be into the 2nd trimester by then and will have had the NT scan. We are having SUCH a hard time not telling people though!! We we with my MIL’s family this year. My BIL and his pregnant fiance were there. She is due in Feb so everyone knows about their baby. It was hard not to say anything… esp when I got really sick after stuffing my face with turkey, stuffing, ect… DH’s grandmother came over to ask if I was alright after I vanished to lay down for about an hour! We’ll explain it all on Christmas… but it is really hard not to. My FIL is funny - at the end of the night when it was just me, DH, my MIL and him - he says “I kept waiting for you to tell everyone!” He really thought we would blurt it out. It’s hard for them also. MIL/FIL are the only family that know so far. A couple of people at my job know - but that’s only because they were covering for me for the last year of fertility treatment and I got the BFP news at work… HAD to tell someone! We are going to see my dad this weekend and will tell him then. I would have told him sooner, but wanted to tell him in person, not on the phone. It will be nice to shout the news out to everyone… only a few more weeks… can’t wait!


So, it all went really well! We posed everyone for a picture at my inlaws’. When we said, “Say Caitlin’s pregnant!” they kept smiling/posing for the picture and didn’t really say anything. Then, my BIL (who lives out of town) said, “Wait, is she?” Then everyone was asking if we were kidding. We responded by saying, “Would we really joke about that?” When they realized we were not joking, they all got really excited.
We ended up trying it again at my mom’s. I was worried that posing for a picture would make them suspicious. But, since the majority of my siblings were there (which doesn’t happen very often), we used that as an excuse. Pretty much the same thing happened. They all thought it was a joke, and then they got excited.
We haven’t looked at the pictures yet, but it was fun taking them!:clap:
Thanks for the Congrats! We’re pretty excited!:thankyou: