The 3rd embryo first cycle and I still dont believe


I found out last week that I am pregnant off of the 3rd embryo first cycle and I still dont believe it I feel like I am walking on egg shells to worried to do anything.
Had Bloods last week and then again yesterday and the levels are going up great but can shake this anxiety away as we have been trying for over 5 years and a year on IVF but for now I am just going to keep on smiling :cheer: :cheer: :grouphug: :bfp:


Yayy!! That’s great news!!Congrats!!:clap:




congratulations. Here to a healthy 9 months. Still in shock over mine!


Congrats, Diana! That is wonderful news!

Not Giving up~ Congrats and cheering for you!:clap:


I know when i get that :bfp: i will be in such shock!! Congrats girl!! Enjoy your pregnancy!!! :grouphug:


Congratulations on being :preg: !!!

:cheer: :bsv:

:pray: for a HH9!!



[B]Congratssssss Diana…it’s such a wonderful magical experience…that sometime you just can’t wait for time to pass by fast so you could hold your little one but take each day at a time…I wish I was still preggers lol…with my baby girl still inside me… :flower: can’t wait to start for baby number two…but in a couple of years lol…[/B]