The anticipated of a BFP really kills me


For me, the anticipated of a BFP really kills me. I’m so upset every time I see the BFN. I have really cut down on my testing, as each BFN takes so much out of me.

Instead of testing out the trigger or testing early, I wait until a reasonable time (14dpo or sometimes a bit earlier, depending on how patient I am feeling), and test once. The result prepares me for the beginning of my cycle and I can get my head around another month.

I know we all say this, but I really thought this was our month. Every month I wonder if I just need to get my head around the fact that I’ll never achieve another pregnancy. I guess I just need to be okay with that possibility :frowning:

As I got a BFN this morning (13dpo), I’m glad that I’m likely to have my cycle start soon and to be done with it by Christmas. I’m looking forward to a stress free holiday prior to the OPKs etc.

Enjoy your holiday season, and I hope that yours is as stress free as possible!