The car accident changed my life!


Hello I want to share with you my story. I lived a normal life as everyone first school, university then I met my future husband and we married. After one year of marriage I learned that I was pregnant. We were so happy. We were ready to become parents. Everything is changing in one moment. I’ll never forget that awful day. It was raining all day I called the taxi I was going to visit my sister but…… I got in a terrible car accident. The doctors couldn’t save baby’s life, I’ve lost it. After that I was told that I will not able to have children any more. It was the end of my happy life soon my husband and I divorced. Then follow the years of my deep depression. A year ago I met a new man he backed me to life. Of course he knows about my infertility but we still want try to have a baby. So, we decided to take part in surrogacy program but it’s impossible to do in our country. Do you have any advices? What you can recommend to us?


Oh god, it’s such a heartbreaking story…I hope you’re fine now, although MVC is not the thing you could forget easily. I’ve been through this personally and it took me more than a year to get into a car again, tough time. I’m sorry for your baby, sweety. Surrogacy is banned in most of the countries, unfortunately. I have a child after surrogacy and want to have the second one via this method again. You just need to choose the best option for yourself regarding your family preferences. You would be surprised bt the wide range of different services within clinics in one country. Make a list of important questions, find answrs to them and take these facts into account when making your choice. I can recommend you to take a closer look to Ukraine. It’s not that expensive for their services, and there are not many difficulties with the legal part. Luck! x


such a saddening story. I am sorry for the accident and the divorce. Your husband was just being mean. Accidents can happen to anyone. You equally felt the pain of losing the child and being infertile. But it is good that you have another man in life. He truly does love you. Getting into an engagement with someone who knows about your infertility is not something easy. Getting such kind of men these days is so hard. So concerning surrogacy. I think I can help in that. I have a child whom I got through surrogacy. There is this clinic in Kiev Called Bio tex. It has really helped infertile couples. You can subscribe to their channel and get more information here I am sure it will help you too. You can give it a try. They have one of the most affordable packages. It is a clinic with high success rate and has been in existence long enough.