...the chance of infection after HSG is real!


The studies quote anything from 2% to 5% risk of infection after an HSG. Let me say that I had mine in an interventional radiology suite by a very experienced radiologist. I have never had PID/STD’s. When she found that I had a hydrosalpinx, the radiologist put me on 5 days of doxycycline after the procedure. I had asked my gynecologist if I needed to take any antibiotics as a precaution before, and she said because I had no risk factors I did not. Lo and behold, a week after the procedure I started having worsening pelvic pain, then developed low grade fevers and oral antibiotics didn’t help. I ended up hospitalized for 6 days, had a percutaneous drain placed to drain what had become a pyosalpinx, and lost 10 lbs to boot from being so ill.

Moral of the story–any risk, regardless of how small, is still a risk. And if you don’t feel right after a procedure, keep hounding your doctor until you get the proper investigation and action.

It was pretty traumatizing…


wow thats scary. sorry to hear you had to go through that i also had a similiar experience. I had an HSG here in Tampa, Fl. the docs were so unprofessional and cold when they told me my tubes were blocked its like they had no compassion i was just another number in top of that i got an infection and had to go to a walk-in and get treated with antibiotics. Good luck on your journey hun much luv :slight_smile:


[SIZE=4]Cookie3 - I’m so sorry to hear about our illness. How are you feeling now? I was given a Zpac before my HSG and SHG.[/SIZE]