The Death of a Pioneer- Robert Edwards


I think this is worth his own thread. Robert Edwards passed away on April 10, 2013 at the age of 87. He pioneered IVF research and with Dr. Patrick Steptoe produced the first test tube baby Loiuse Brown.

Let’s ALWAYS remember those who have made is so possible for many of us to have our families.



Thanks for sharing, he is definitely worth a thread! We would never have been able to experience parenthood without IVF. Thanks!


I agree too! When I read the news this morning I wanted to say Thank you!


Thanks for posting!! I agree it def deserves a thread, thanks to this man we are all here today. I’ll say a prayer for him tonight, may his soul rest in peace.



Yes, when I read it in the news, I looked at his picture and gratefully thought, without him, I wouldn’t hold my 12 pound bundle right now. Thank you Robert and thank you mamanas for this thread.


Yeah, I heard the news too. It’s amazing to think how young this field really is.


He must have the good wishes and blessings of so many, mine included.


may his soul rest in peace. thanks to his research.