The diet that will have a positive Impact on your PCOS


The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome issue shouldn’t be taken for granted with a mere fact that it is linked to infertility and heart disease. PCOS is common among the childbearing women and it results from hormonal imbalances.

A woman must ovulate naturally prior to her periods and in the presence of cysts, ovulation may not effectively occur or the other way round. Women with PCOS are linked to high insulin levels, where the cells aren’t able to turn the sugars (glucose) into energy.

Here is what to eat and not to
Dietary tips can be followed after obtaining PCOS treatment at the leading IVF Centre in India and let’s have a look at it;
Fruits and Green leafy vegetables
Fruits are a major source of all the vitamins necessary for the body. In addition, they provide fiber, phytonutrients, and minerals and can help reduce the PCOS symptoms.

Green Leafy vegetables provide calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins, which will help sugar metabolism

Healthy fats and Organic, pastured fed-meat
Healthy fats help in maintaining healthy cell walls, whereas the organic pastured fed meats will control your hormones

What to avoid
Unhealthy fats, Soy Products, and High glycemic index foods
These increase testosterone and oestrogen levels


I thought I could add on how to prevent PCOS perhaps it can help someone too. Maintain a rich fibre diet if you want to naturally prevent PCOS. Fibre foods help you to stay active and on your feet. Fruits is another home remedy to naturally prevent the polycystic ovary syndrome. Fruits consumption will also help in preventing obesity, heart disease and other health problems too. If you are having any symptom of PCOS like obesity or irregular periods, you can control them with the help of exercise. Suryanamaskar and other yoga postures help to control stress which in turn helps to prevent a woman from developing PCOS. The silent killer is the reason why women and men suffer from a lot of health problems. If stress is a major part of your life, learn to control it to prevent PCOD. Increase the intake of complex carbohydrates and proteins and try to avoid fat and fatty food items which leads to obesity causing PCOS. Smoking plays havoc in a person’s life. It not only affects the lungs but the ovaries too. Stay away from the butt to prevent. PCOS. You can get more information in bio tex clinic. They are so good dealing with fertility treatment. Even their economy package is running out for 2018 so one has till the end of the week to register.


Thank you for sharing. I’m a pcos sufferer too. With blocked fallopian tubes. After 15 years trying to figure out why I was gaining weight, tired and depressed I can honestly say this way of eating has changed my life.
I no longer have all over body aches, lost 30 pounds. I still have another 10 pounds to lose but it will be a slow process, I’m ok with it as I have so much energy and my mind is much clearer. I had to go against the normal advice as following it was killing me. I ate what was pretty healthy but it was not healthy for me with insulin resistants. PCOS comes with many symptoms and other then acne they have lessened significantly for me. Key for me was getting a BG meter. I now know what foods spike me and avoid them. I can not stress enough how much this way of eating has helped with PCOS.


Getting pregnant with PCOS can be a real struggle. Deciding that you are ready to start trying for a family is very often one the most exciting and one of the scariest times. But the good news is that there are some many things that you can do to better manage your PCOS and boost your fertility, giving yourself a better chance of getting pregnant with PCOS. Finding the right supplements for your PCOS is important as supplements can have a dramatic impact on your PCOS and it’s symptoms. Trying to treat your PCOS without supplements is like trying to fill a bucket full of holes. Only when those holes are plugged with the right supplements will you truly see changes to your PCOS. In a six-month trial, PCOS women who ate a high-protein (more than 40 percent protein, 30 percent fat) diet lost more weight and body fat than following a standard protein (less than 15 percent protein, 30 percent fat) diet. Neither diet type restricted calories, leading researchers to speculate that because high-protein diets tend to be more filling, those who ate more protein ate less food thereby losing more weight. I also had pcos, but surrogacy in Bio tex gave me a child. But then am still trying to live a healthy lifestyle to manage my pcos to date.


The hormonal and metabolic disorder affects 10 million women worldwide. Such symptoms like infertility, weight gain, excess body hair, and androgen “male” hormone excess is the stem from insulin resistance. Your diet can go a long way to helping you feel your best. But eating well is one thing you can do every day to take back control. My dr at biotexcom advises women to put the focus on nourishing themselves with healthy foods. Also focusing on doing things to care for yourself and practice self-love strategies will help your body shift toward hormonal balance and healing.
She told me to save half of my plate for leafy greens and nonstarchy vegetables. Next, either starchy vegetables or gluten-free whole grains make up one-quarter of the plate. The last quarter is reserved for lean protein. Finally, add healthy fats to your food like extra-virgin olive oil or nuts. Creating a plate like this ensures that you’re getting the right portion sizes. Plus you’ll stay satisfied, which will help you stay away from processed junk and sugar. Here are some of the rules:
Focus on foods with omega-3 fatty acids.
Eat a bigger breakfast to possibly improve hormone levels.
Choose foods that are low on the GI.
Avoid any foods that tend to bother you.
Lose weight if you need to, and your PCOS symptoms may improve.
All the best with your dieting.