The fact I didn’t know before!


Recently I’ve come across a post about follies growth. About its non growth to be specific. I got interested and made some research work after which I can assume I definitely didn’t know they can shrink! This is what was said about follies growth.
Some follies don’t respond to stims at all. That’s why AFC can be high, but still get lower follie count when we start. Then the follies that do start to grow might get to a certain size then stop growing. This is where they would start shrinking.I’m not sure if follies can hide. But it would seem possible (Since ovaries are 3 dimensional, and they are using a want to look through your uterus to your ovaries). I would think the ones that were at 20 would be ready to burst on their own (Except for that woman taking the suppression meds). Tomorrow she’s going to ask some questions and find out what’s going on. So there will be the update. Have you ever had such a weird thing??
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