The flu shot while going through IVF


Is anyone getting the flu shot? I have my ET on 10/29 but my company is offering the flu shot on 10/27, my nurse says the shot is recommonded but does any one here think it will effect the ET adversly? I just don’t want to change my body chemistry too much because (I know this is stupid) I just want the embies to “remember” the same biological material. Thanks for any advice.


I think it’s safe. The flu shot is advised for pregnant women, so I don’t think you should worry. If you’re so worried, just don’t get it until after you are pregnant. It’s not a big deal.


I think that it is 100% okay. The flu vaccine doesn’t change your body chemistry at all. And certainly in no way an embryo could sense. It would be like if you got a virus the day before, it wouldn’t affect transfer either.

I say better safe pre-pregnancy than after if you have the chance to do it! The flu itself can cause a miscarriage a well as a myriad of other problems, so why risk it when your immune system is less awesome (in pregnancy)?


I would get it as well. Once you are pregnant, they don’t advise you to get it until your 2nd trimester, which in your case the flu season would be over.