The Husband's Sperm Analysis


Advise please?
He is going for another one this weekend. This is as of July 2012. Could this be a reason we have not been getting pregnant?

Volume 2.4ML
pH Alkaline
Total Count 28,800,000/mL

1st Hour (MOTILE) 60%
Progressive 50%
Non Progressive 10%


Dear Jaan, this is not enough to say anything. There are more parameters of the test. What worries you here?


The results you mentioned are basically unremarkable, except, perhaps, the percentage of progressive sperm. Progression is graded from 0 to 4, with 4 being fast forward unidirectional movement and 0 being no forward movement at all. The other things analyzed include morphology, where more than 30% should be normal, white blood cell count, viability and fructose. With regards to morphology, they have criteria for determining if the head, midpiece and tail are normal in size and proportion. Analysis of the sperm cells is more important than that of the seminal fluid. The seminal fluid is also analyzed, but it is said that no matter what the results of this analysis, there is no predictive value for the ability of the man to impregnate.