The lack of breast pain


I use to get breast pain before every period. Lately though I’ve noticed that they don’t hurt anymore. I’m thinking maybe it’s because I may not be ovulating regularly. Anyone else experience this? I know I’m driving myself crazy trying to analyze every single detail… I’m so afraid I’ve blown my chances by waiting so long. :frowning:


The symptoms with my period (breast pain, severity of cramps, etc.) have definitely changed (i.e., decreased) a huge amount over the years. The biggest change has been since I had my two year old. I think it’s just a natural part of the changes that go with aging (I’m in my late 30s) but not necessarily a sign that something is wrong with your cycle. From all the testing/monitoring I’ve done, I am still o’ing regularly, etc. So, as much as I COMPLETELY understand the instinct to analyze these sorts of details, I wouldn’t worry too much about this one.


Thank you for your post…trying to stay positive!


From what I remember, my breast pain before AF was increased or decreased to a large extent by my diet. The better hydrated and less salt, caffeine, and alcohol, the less breast soreness I experienced.