The lighter side of IF...


Have something happen that made you laugh in your infertility treatments? I’m sure we could all use a chuckle, so feel free to share. I know there are some girls in the thread I follow that have had some funny things happen, so I’m guessing there are more.

I’ll start: During my 2nd IUI, I had to go to my RE’s partner’s office at the nearby hospital. I’d never met the other RE, so I didn’t really know what to expect. When he came in the exam room, he reminded me a bit of Frank Barrone-you know, older with a shaggy “skulldesac” as my husband calls it. Then, he starts talking…with an Australian accent. He made a comment to my DH about having to give 2 samples that day, saying the second was better. Then started the IUI. Now, as if it weren’t uncomfortable enough to bare my nether regions to a new doc, he makes it even more awkward by saying, with his Aussie accent, “You have great mucus.” It was all we could do to keep from busting up before he left the room!! Normally, when I think of an Australian, I think of someone a little younger, and a little hotter-you know Curtis Stone, Keith Urban,…? I’m glad this doc wasn’t younger and hotter, it would have made it awkward rather than humorous. It still makes me chuckle just to think of it. I think it would have been awkward coming from my regular RE, but it was just funny coming from this RE!


assisted hatching joke

I was laying in bed the day after my embryo transfer and my boyfriend brought me two clementines (little easy-to-peel oranges) in bed. He had put cuts in the top of them and said “assisted hatching” upon delivering them to me. I burst out laughing and then he said, “Don’t laugh, you don’t want to shake the babies.”


That is too funny!! :clap: