The Outsider


What hurts the most for me is hearing other people talk about their kids and nothing but their kids all day everyday. I can’t even eat lunch in the dining room at work anymore because all people do is show off pics of their babies or grandbabies and or show off their new baby bumps. The problem isn’t that they are doing anything wrong. If I were them, I’d be doing the exact same thing. It’s just that I have nothing to contribute to the conversaion save for an occasional ooh or ahh over their pics or videos. I also can’t comment on anything they say because they bite my head off telling me I can’t possibly know anything because I dont’ have kids. It makes me feel very isolated at work, with friends who have kids and with just about anyone I know. I feel like an outsider that doesn’t fit in and never will. I want so much to have a child of my own and am so sad that it may never happen. It’s gotten to the point where I get so upset at being silenced that I can’t bear to be around most people anymore. How do I deal with the isolation? I can’t even check my facebook anymore without crying because everyone I know is posting cute pics of their babies or their sonogram photos. How can I cope with this? It just seems impossible. How can I fit in, in a world that is so intent on excluding me?

TTC for one year
Me-30 Not ovulating every month (Going to Fertility specialist in March)
DH- 30 Low Sperm Count


The good thing is your going to see a fertility specialist in March. Your definitely on the right track. I hope your doctor is able to find a medical solution for you, very soon! Chin up & know you will be successful. Always know their are tons of people to talk to and support you throughout your infertility journey. Take care & good luck!


When you feel isolated, understand that you are not alone. There are many women like you - some younger, some older. I experience EXACTLY THE SAME that you experience at work. No one to talk to about general topics. If I talk about weekends, they start narrating what their kids did. They keep talking and talking ONLY about kids and NOTHING ELSE! Many a time, they tell me about their kids’ home work assignments. Sometimes I feel why am I a good listener?
I am a detail-oriented person in general and a few women at work have told me "well, you have lot of time to spend at work to get the details right. We can’t do that because we have a second world at home!"
Isn’t that remark horrible? I feel annoyed and frustrated at work but can’t help it. I just keep telling myself that my time will come. I just need to wait patiently.
Hang in there and keep trying. You’ll get there one day. GL.


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Congrats HumDucky!! See I told you… :slight_smile: