There is hope


I am writing this to hopefully give someone some hope and don’tgive up. My husband and I have been TTC for 4 years and we have had so many upsand downs during this process. As you can see from my signature I was diagnosedwith POF at a young age so we had to use donor eggs to conceive. I went through3 cycles of DE IVF. 1 cycle ended in a miscarriage and the other two were BFN.My step-sister then offered to be my surrogate. At this point she didn’t know that I was diagnosed with POF nor was sheaware that we used DE with each IVF. This was really hard for me to talk aboutand to deal with. After much thought I confided in her about everything that wehave been through and she not offered to be my surrogate but she was alsowilling to give me her egg a well. So be my Traditional Surrogate!

My husband and I were already in debt due to the previous 3DE IVF cycles that we didn’t have anything else to give. We would of loved todo another DE IVF and transfer the embryo to my step-sister but we just cannotafford it financially. So we had long talks and after many months we were goingto go through with her being our TS. What a gift she is giving us! Aftermeeting with a lawyer and my RE we started treatments and got pregnant with ourfirst cycle of clomid. We were ecstatic. After the HCG levels were notdoubling, but close, my RE was thinking something was wrong so we had weeklyvisits. We heard the heartbeat with both visits but again the HCG levels werenot where they should be. Our RE was thinking that the fetus could have T13 orT18. We were devastated. My sister ended up miscarrying and having a D & C,this was such a tough day. We were shocked that she was willing to try again.So we took a few months off and tried IUI # 2 and got a BFN, then had cysts soshe had to do a month of BCPills. IUI # 3 came around and another BFN, with cystsagain so another month of BCP.

And here we are now on IUI #4 and we are finally pregnant!!!We are only 7w1day today but our levels have been great and we saw theheartbeat with our last visit. I know we still have a long ways to go but I amhoping to give you some hope that It CAN happen and it WILL happen. Don’t giveup on your dreams and fight like you have never fought before. I cannot be morethankful for such an amazing step-sister that is giving us this tremendousgift.

If anyone has any questions about the process I would loveto help if I can. I pray that someday soon you will end up with your dream too!


Congratulations! Best of luck.