They will give me a donated embryo,


I know of miracles waiting, but I am active on this forum, and thought I would ask here. I checked the forum rules, and I do not see that is a rule not to ask, so here goes…:cross:
I have been told by my clinic they will give me a donated embryo, however, they do not have any available. :frowning: This is heartbreaking news for my DH and I. We want a child so desperately, and I know we would be the best parents!
I have checked the shipping requirements on miracles waiting, and apparently it is fairly common and easy. So I was wondering if anyone on this forum who knows me, would be compassionate enough to consider choosing us to recieve an embryo they planned to donate anyway. If so, please let me know or send me pm. I could provide more detailed info about myself and DH, and our home, etc.